Even though many Istrian restaurants offer this speciality, we stand out for our particular recipe and food presentation. All our dishes are made with truffles, but many guests come to taste our truffle noodles. Besides, we also make homemade gnocchi, fuži, and pljukanci.

The noodles are made by a slightly different recipe and are served in a terrine. The recipe is the secret of the house and we believe that it makes us authentic. The dish is served in a terrine so that the guest is able to see the quantity of the truffles that are grated in front of him. We then mix the truffles with the noodles and all the ingredients merge together creating thus a unique and irresistible flavour. After the noodles are mixed, the dish is served to the guests on the plate, but the greatest “honour” goes to the one who eats directly from the terrine because it contains the greatest heat and there is nothing better than eating from the terrine, i.e. from the bowl. In addition, you can enjoy a steak with truffle sauce and grated truffles, truffle crostini (another traditional meal of our house), truffle cheese, ravioli stuffed with cheese in truffle sauce, and truffle ice cream dessert.